A Family Legacy is a Cherished Gift

So often we wish that the stories from the past, the stories from our own unique family history, could be preserved and shared with all family members for generations to come.

Learn how to preserve your family’s history in a printed book!!


Ask your mother, your father, uncle, aunt, or any senior relative in your family
if they would agree to be interviewed!

A family member’s past is a rich tapestry of history, replete with stories, which like precious artifacts, reflect each person’s life, lessons, and special moments.

Give your loved ones the gift of memories, told through their (or your) memory of events, big and small, that occurred as part of their history.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to record your life story or a family member’s life history and dreams--past and present--as a special gift for your family--and for yourself. The result is not only greater self-understanding for each participant, but also a stronger bond among family members.

To paraphrase Dr. James Birren, Pd.D. in Psychology Today, “You understand your life better if you share it piece by piece with other people...Something happens during the telling that goes beyond what is achieved by the remembering alone. New experiences become reminders of feelings and events that we have set aside and thought we had forgotten...as each new question builds on previous questions.”

The result is the gift of an oral or written Legacy for a family to cherish and remember over the generations.

Personal interviews are conducted by Gail Cassidy and Ed Topar. Call (908) 654-5216 or (908) 418-6214 for more information. Set your appointment now; your family will be very appreciative! We show YOU how to do this or we do it for you!

(We also help write Tips books for brides and grooms as a wedding gift, special birthdays, anniversaries, non-profit fund raisers, and books for business owners. You choose the cover, pictures, and colors; we do the rest!)