Training is a $44 BILLION a year business. $10 to $20 billion of those dollars are for personal growth--our area of expertise. (Click here to read Seminar Source Blogs)




OUR MISSION is to positively and permanently improve the lives of people through training and coaching in order to empower them to recognize strengths in themselves and in others, and also to maximize their own potential.



#1. Speaking and Imaging: This 14-week course, based on the book You Cannot NOT Communicate, uses speaking assignments to teach imaging, body language, and communicating skills. Step-by-step instructions guide even novice trainers to a successful training experience. All of the research and promotional materials necessary for the class are included. Companies, corporations, small businesses, and people wanting to master this skill are all viable clients. A by-product of facilitating this seminar is the development of your own proficiency as a speaker, a skill which will enable you to earn additional revenue as a keynote speaker. The number one fear people have--above the fear of death and the fear of snakes--is the fear of speaking in front of others. You, too, may have that same fear, but with Speaking and Imaging for Success, you and your trainees will be able to overcome this fear, and you will be able to help others. A huge benefit is being able to earn extra money by holding this 14-week training class in your community or at a local business or corporation. (At the recommended tuition of $700-$900 per person, your investment will be repaid many times over from your first class.) (Click here to read testimonials.)

#2. Speak Well and Influence People: Learn the secrets of being a speaker audiences remember. When ancient Roman statesman, Cicero, spoke, people said, “What a great speaker!” When equally ancient Greek tyrant of Syracuse, Dionysius, spoke, people said, “Let’s go to war!” In only five days you can incorporate the characteristics of these two great orators and become a very effective speaker . Learn how.

The five-day course/teleclass includes effective speaking recommendations, planning sheets, how to prepare for a particular audience, how to control nervousness, types of evidence to use, openings, closings, presentation fundamentals, organization of talks, voice, relating to audience, enunciation, enthusiasm--and so much more.

This course is designed to present the fundamentals of speaking and will prepare participants to be able to make effective presentations.


#3. Discover Your Passion
: Based on my book entitled Discover Your Passion, An Intuitive Search to Find Your Purpose in Life, this course helps people begin the journey of self-discovery, a journey that will enable them to look into their past, analyze the present, and project into the future in order to lead them to their passion. The number one deadly fear of people is having lived a meaningless life, waking up one morning and thinking, “Is that all there is?” Even Oprah writes, “There is no paycheck that can equal the feeling of contentment that comes from being the person you are meant to be.” When you Discover Your Passion you become the person you were meant to be.

#4. Profit From Your Passion: This course could be delivered in-person or via a telephone bridge line. I have taught the course in five one-hour sessions in five consecutive days or three evenings, 2 1/2 hours a night. The course provides participants with an abbreviated questionnaire to discover their passion. Once their passion is discovered, a profit center is found and methods of producing income and marketing are discussed in detail. This course is a very popular offering. (Click on title to read more and to read testimonials.)

#5. Explore Your Passion: The Explore Your Passion process is a six-week commitment, starting with the completion of questions e-mailed previous to the first session. Step 2 is a one-hour talk where specific Discover Your Passion questions are asked. In between Session One and Session Two, ideas are researched regarding the path best suited for you from the information you provide me. All three segments are then compared: my impression, your prepared answers, and your responses during the one-hour session, after which I send you my initial impression letter along with a plethora of information about possible careers that would fit you. After readying the materials, you select what "sings" to you and I do further research which I send before the second meeting. After our second meeting you will receive my final recommendation along with the steps you need to take in order to start your journey.

You then will receive a final recommendation via e-mail, after which we will schedule four additional brief (15-minute) meetings to help in follow through. If you want to continue after six weeks, that, too, can be continued for only $80 for four sessions a month.

Because of the amount of work involved with each client, I limit myself to no more than four clients a week. If you are interested, place your order and then send me an e-mail,, or give me a call and get on the list.

I thoroughly enjoy the responses I receive from each client after they read what an independent source tells them about themselves.
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#6. Attitude, and Non-verbal Communication Workshop: This workshop can be delivered in one hour, six hours, or any time in between. It is a wonderful course which can be used to entice people into your other programs or as an in-depth program unto itself. Discussions of how to control attitude, how body language is read, and how one cannot not communicate are the focal points. It is fast-paced, enjoyable to deliver, and always well received. All of the background research you need to deliver the program is included, including sample openings and closings and ways to adapt to varying audiences. Your audience for this Workshop is unlimited. In addition to the instructor’s manual, you will receive Tips booklets geared to different groups, e.g., police, teachers, school boards, non-profit organizations, parents, general audience. This program is totally flexible; it can be used for any age group, any profession, e.g., The Secret Shopper, discussed below.

#7. The Secret Shopper: Based on the Attitude Workshop, this two-day, two hours each, program for retail businesses has sales personnel going into other businesses and using a checklist to evaluate sales personnel from other similar stores. Through this experiential method of learning, sales personnel can better understand the impact they have on customers each day. This is a method to make employees feel special and, at the same time, instruct them in the basics of human nature, which translates into the “bottom line” for the employer. A Secret Shopper Tips Booklet is available for each participant.


#8. The Validating Mentor: If you would like to mentor someone or start a mentoring program in your community, this book is for you. You will learn, step-by-step, how to be an effective mentor. You will also find a section you can give to the person being mentored. Everything you need to be an effective mentor is contained in this one book.

In Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, he states that the first needs people have are food and shelter--survival basics. The second group of needs are safety and security. Most of us have these basic elements in our lives in one degree or another.

Validational Mentors come in at the third and fourth levels. The third need or desire everybody has is to be accepted, or validated, by someone or some group. Acceptance may only be available through membership in a gang or in a choir group or by peers or teachers and/or parents. In one way or another, people young and old will gravitate toward a source of validation. Validation is a human need, and this is where being a Scarlett mentor comes into play.

The fourth level is making a difference. With the help of mentors following the 16-week Scarlett Foundation course, students will be at the point where they can make a difference--in their own lives and in the lives of those for whom they care.

The philosophy of “validational mentoring” recommends five specific provisions: (1) providing a safe atmosphere--physically and mentally (no insults, no making someone wrong), (2) validating students through their efforts, (3) establishing relevance in their assignments, and (4) building on their successes. This philosophy of learning also (5) introduces the element of fun, a guaranteed way to encourage learning and growth.

Under the appropriate conditions, validational mentoring can be the foundation for (1) improved self esteem and (2) self concept, and (3) improved interpersonal skills. These benefits are not so surprising if one looks closely at the concepts inherent in validational learning and the principles of human nature. They compliment each other nicely.

Validational mentoring means taking a personal interest in a student, supporting the paths the student takes. It means helping the student strive throward his/her highest aspirations, not only in career but also in the pursuit of happiness in their lives. A Validational mentor wants to share his/her knowledge and experiences in hope that their protege will reach a high level of achievement. A Validational mentor will promote the importance of responsibility both at home and away from it. A Validational mentor cares about the well-being of himself and his family, and models the behavior he/she wants their students to follow.

#9. The Validating Teacher: Under the appropriate classroom conditions, validational learning can be the foundation for (1) improved reading and (2) writing skills, (3) improved self esteem and (4) self concept, and (5) improved interpersonal skills. These benefits are not so surprising if one looks closely at the concepts inherent in validational learning and the principles of human nature. They compliment each other nicely.

#10. Design Your Life: This six-month program combines Discover Your Passion with speaking, nonverbal communication plus other seminars to completely enable personal transformation for each participant.