Answer the following four questions, and then I will be able to help you create a seminar/workshop for from one to three days in length.

1. Who are your customers?

2. What is their greatest problem, which you can help alleviate?

3. How would you solve their problem, e.g., what do you want them to learn?

4. How will your solution benefit them?

With input from you regarding what you want your customers to learn, I help you develop the basic outline, give you recommended openings, participant activities, types of evidence most effective for your niche, effective closings, and recommended assessments. You complete the information needed, then I help you finalize and critique the project.

E-mail me at or call (908) 654-5216 to set up a time.

SEMINAR CREATION FEE: Coaching fee of $350 a month which includes four fifty minute sessions a month.