I have always believed that we get in life what we are genuinely looking for - consciously or unconsciously. Just because you are good at something, or have been trained to do something as your life's work, doesn't mean you must do it the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! As someone once said, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Finding and creating your life's work, even if it is entirely different from what you have done most of your life, will bring you more happiness and money than any other single action you can take.

Work is something you were undoubtedly meant to do, something you know in your heart is the right thing for you to do. Whatever it is, you may be sure that you have a talent and also an instinct for it. Money is a natural by-product of doing anything well.

Doing what you love to do will require that you listen to yourself and follow your own wisdom. You must learn to listen to yourself rather than to always seek answers from others. It is extremely important to develop self-reliance and to trust your own decisions. To succeed at anything, you must love it, and only YOU know what you truly love. When you are doing what you love to do, you will handle even the most demanding aspects of your work with ease.

Think about the person you REALLY want to be, the person with extremely high self-esteem. Your ultimate goal should be to find what you love to do and become an expert at it. You make your own inner world, and through it, your outer world. If you have difficulty overcoming obstacles, it is only because your inner guidance is taking you in a direction that is not in alignment with your creative intention. If you truly intend to have something - you will.

TAKING MENTAL INVENTORY Activities you love involve using skills and talents that are natural to you. What you love to do will also help others in some way because when you use your natural skills and talents, you are automatically in tune with some higher purpose. Also, doing what you love to do provides a vehicle for enlightenment and spiritual growth. Never dismiss your dreams and fantasies as just "wishful thinking," because it is through these very dreams and fantasies that your subconscious mind speaks to you.

One way to discover your life's work is to observe what you love to do and what you do naturally. Notice which skills you enjoy using. After looking at your skills, look at your dreams. Your dreams act as a mental model that your subconscious uses to attract your life's work. Always direct your time and talents toward whatever it is you most love to do - or at least, toward a job that is very close to it. The long-range objective is to be happy in your work!

Each day that you go back to doing this thing you do not enjoy is another day of
dis-ease. Listen to that nagging little voice inside you as it reminds you again of happy childhood dreams.

YOUR SILENT PARTNER WITHIN The secret forces of the subconscious mind should never be underestimated or ignored. Once they are properly channeled, they will go to work for you and cause incredible things to happen!m Your higher self is always looking out for you and is always urging you toward those things that will make you genuinely happy, but it needs the encouragement of your recognition in order to begin manifesting its powers. All you need do is acknowledge what is already there. You might begin by saying to yourself. "I accept that there is a sleeping giant within me." Repeat this statement several times and notice its effect upon you.

Since we are all creative beings, it is always in our power to create more.

FINDING YOUR TRUE VOCATIONAL UNIQUENESS In addition to satisfying your innermost needs and desires, your life's work makes a contribution to the lives of others. When you begin to focus upon your life's work, you will want to focus on what will fulfill you. A life's work inspires passion! It sustains energy. It seduces you. It won't leave you alone. You think about it wherever you are, whatever you are doing. When you discover your life's work, you will realize that you already have the gift to make it happen. You can start by looking into situations that interest you.

The search for your life's work begins in your imagination. What do I love to do the most? How could I benefit myself and others if I were to make this my life's work? Then listen to yourself and take heed of what it is you want and need in order to create the kind of life you truly desire. Your mission in life is all about YOU, about your willingness to serve others while serving yourself.

LIFE IS A DO-IT-YOURSELF PROGRAM There are NO disposable days. Each day counts.

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHO YOU'LL BE Each of us has natural aptitudes that we must develop if we are to be successful.

Develop a concrete plan that makes it possible to advance systematically from one step to the next until the long-range goal has been achieved. Make a contract with yourself. Write down various ideas that you have or businesses you think you might like to run. Check the yellow pages for places like New York City and Los Angeles to see what services are available there that aren't yet available locally. In doing this, you could easily uncover a market for a highly profitable business of your own. It is important to focus on what it is you want to do!

1. What, exactly, am I trying to sell? (If you cannot clearly define your product or service, you are going to have a hard time trying to publicize or advertise it.)
2. Is my product or service something people need or want? What specific benefits can I offer?
3. Who is my ideal customer? (Customers fall into various categories according to age, sex, profession, income, etc.)
4. How can I reach these people? (What trade or consumer periodicals, organizations, trade shows, directories, or mailing lists are available?)
5. What kind of competition will I have on a local, regional, or national level?

Beginners, especially those who are still employed elsewhere, should endeavor to devote at least 20 hours per week to starting up their new business. One of best and least expensive methods of advertising involves writing up a press release and sending it to your local newspaper. Can also print and distribute inexpensive fliers, post notices on community bulletin boards, give speeches around town, or join a network of related business owners who are willing to start referring clients your way.

CASHING IN ON YOUR MISTAKES Once you have decided upon your life's work, you might wish to study people who have involved themselves in a similar enterprise. You can learn a great deal from conversations with these people, from books they have written about their experiences, and also through observation. Never allow a mistake to go unattended.

Once you have established where it is you wish to go, you should immediately give up all preconceived notions about how you must get there.

Negative thinking encourages us NOT to upset the status quo. It immobilizes us with fear of the unknown, reminding us how much easier and more comfortable life can be in an old familiar routine. In considering a major change in your life, it will be necessary to deal with the negative urge to keep things as they are. The first thing you must do is acknowledge that negative thoughts exist. The easiest way is to replace each negative thought with a positive one. Think of yourself as a person who MAKES things happen.

Enthusiasm is the most powerful motivating force for change. You should think enthusiastically. Think about people congratulating you and compensating you for your achievement.

Most human beings live the way they choose, but not the way they want. Our choices generally come from acquired beliefs, habits, and tastes. What we want can only come to us through change.

Happiness is the natural order of things! Everything else - every other state of mind or human condition - in UN-natural.